Project Details

Project reference: 318353
Start date: 2012-10-01
End date: 2016-03-31
Duration: 42 months
Project cost: € 8.447.558
Project funding: € 6.000.000
Programme type:
Seventh Framework Programme
Programme acronym:
Contract type:
Collaborative project

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Conferences, Workshops and Meetings

May 2016

20th of May 2016, Final EURO-MILS Review Meeting,
Belgium, Brussels

The EURO-MILS consortium executed a successful 3rd and final review meeting.


March 2016

16th of March 2016, Workshop organised by European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) on: Security Certification of ICT products in Europe
Belgium, Brussels

SYSGO, Jemm Research, PSUD and T-Systems participated in the ENISA workshop.


January 2016

19th of January 2016, International Workshop on MILS: Architecture and Assurance for Secure Systems, Prague, Czech Republic
Co-located with the HiPEAC Conference 2016


November 2015

24th of November 2015,  Arbeitskreis Cyber-Physical Systems at Bitkom, Mainz/Germany 
Sergey Tverdyshev (SYSGO) gave a presentation about MILS.


October 2015

20th of October 2015, Open Group RTES Forum, Edinburgh/GB
Partner EADS IW presented an update on EURO-MILS project.

15th-16th of October 2015, SCADE User Group Conference, Paris/FRANCE

5th-7th of October 2015, 10th International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security, Berlin/DE
The paper Security Architecture and Specification Framework for Safe and Secure Industrial Automation presented at CRITIS 2015.

1st of October 2015, Design with Freescale Solutions Seminar, Paris/FRANCE


September 2015

22nd-24th of September 2015, International Common Criteria Conference, London/GB
T-Systems presented their paper on Non-Interfering Composed Evaluation at the 16th ICCC.


July 2015

18th-19th of July 2015, 7th Working Conference on Verified Software: Theories, Tools, and Experiments, San Francisco/California/USA
EUROMILS is pleased to announce that our paper "Testing the IPC Protocol for a Real-Time Operating System" has been accepted.

12th-18th of July 2015, HiPEAC Summer School, Fiuggi/ITALY
Jonas Maebe from the University of Gent presented the EURO-MILS poster.


June 2015

22nd-25th of June 2015, Freescale Technology Forum (FTF), Austin/TX
OpenSynergy presented the MILS Architecture at the FTF in June 2015.

16th of June 2015, Forum Méthodes Formelles - Tests et méthodes formelles, Toulouse/FRANCE
Wolff Burkhart from PSUD presented HOL-TestGen (and bits of its application in EUROMILS) at the forum Tests et Méthodes Formelles at th LAAS laboratory in Toulouse.


April 2015

28th-29th of April 2015, Cyber Security and Privacy Innovation Forum 2015, Brussels, BELGIUM [view picture]

27th-29th of April 2015, NASA formal methods conference, Pasadena, California/USA
OUNL (Freek Verbeek) presented the paper “Formal Functional Specification on the PikeOS Separation Kernel”
[authors: Freek Verbeek, Julien Schmaltz, Sergey Tverdyshev, Holger Blasum, Oto Havle, Bruno Langenstein, Werner Stephan and Burkhart Wolff]


March 2015

9th-13th of March 2015, DATE 2015, Grenoble/FRANCE

3rd-5th of March 2015, EURO-MILS technical meeting, Villach/AUSTRIA


February 2015

15th of February 2015,  Security Analysts Summit (SAS 2015), Cancun/MEXICO 
SYSGO gave a talk about MILS in trains, planes and cars.

2nd-5th of February 2015,  Open Group Meeting, San Diego/CA/USA
Airbus participated in the Open Group meeting and represent EURO-MILS.


January 2015

20th of January 2015, International Workshop 2015 on MILS: Architecture and Assurance for Secure Systems, Amsterdam/THE NETHERLANDS
Co-located with the HiPEAC Conference 2015
We are happy to inform you, that the workshop for the HiPEAC Conference with the title:
International Workshop on MILS: Architecture and Assurance for Secure Systems
has been accepted as a half day workshop!

28th-29th of January 2015, Testbed workshop, Toulouse/FRANCE


December 2014

17th of December 2014,  Horizon 2020 Calls Info Day: Low Power Computing, Internet of Things and platforms for smart objects, ICT in Factories of the Future, Brussels/BELGIUM
SYSGO France and JemmResearch presented EURO-MILS business work.


November 2014

19th of November 2014, EURO-MILS Formal Model, Palaiseau/FRANCE
Journees de Palaiseau

18th-19th of November 2014, escar - Embedded Security in Cars Conference , Hamburg/GERMANY
SYSGO gave a talk at escar


October 2014

22nd-23rd of October 2014, Security Workshop by Texas Instruments, Berlin/GERMANY


September 2014

23rd-25th of September 2014, EURO-MILS technical/General Assembly meeting, Munich/GERMANY

15th of September 2014,  1st Safety and Security Workshop, Kaiserslautern/GERMANY
Dr. Sergey Tverdyshev, Sysgo AG gave a talk on “Architecture for Safety and Security”. Also other EURO-MILS team members were present.

10th-12th of September 2014,  33rd International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, Florence/ITALY
The partners TUE and OUNL gave a talk on the EURO-MILS project at SAFECOMP. The authors of the paper “On Two Models of Noninterference: Rushby and Greve, Wilding, and Vanfleet” are Adrian Garcia Ramirez, Julien Schmaltz (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands), Freek Verbeek (Open Universiteit Nederland, Netherlands), Bruno Langenstein (DFKI, Germany) and Holger Blasum (SYSGO, Germany).

9th-11th of September 2014, 15th International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC) 2014, New Dehli/INDIA
“Security Composition with Software Platform: Integration of Hardware and Applications” by Nathalie Feyt (TCS) and Igor Furgel (TSYS)


August 2014

EURO-MILS developing secure embedded systems - Online Survey
The EURO-MILS consortium has prepared a survey on the value of data security in people's lives. The objective is to identify people's confidence level in information security and their evaluation of the associated risks with connected devices or online services they are using. The results of this survey will be used by EURO-MILS to develop solutions for designing, implementing and certifying secure embedded systems. Thanks for joining the survey!


July 2014

23rd of July 2014, VeriSure Workshop 2014, Vienna/AUSTRIA
The partners OUNL and SYSGO gave a talk on the EURO-MILS project at the VeriSure Workshop at ITP. The paper "Implicit Assumptions in a Model for Separation Kernels" by Freek Verbeek (Open Universiteit Nederland, Netherlands), Julien Schmaltz (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands), Sergey Tverdyshev, Holger Blasum, Oto Havle (SYSGO, Germany) appeared in VeriSure Workshop electronic proeceedings.

16th of July 2014, HiPEAC ACACES summer school 2014, Fuiggi/ITALY
The university of Gent presented EURO-MILS posters at the HiPEAC ACACES summer school in Fuiggi.

13th of July 2014, Isabelle Workshop 2014, Vienna/AUSTRIA
The paper "Using Isabelle/HOL to Develop and Maintain Separation Invariants for an Operating System" was accepted for the Isabelle Workshop 2014. The authors are Sergey Tverdyshev, Holger Blasum, Oto Havle (SYSGO, Germany), Bruno Langenstein, Werner Stephan (DFKI, Germany), Burkhart Wolff, Yakoub Nemouchi (Universite Paris-Sud), Julien Schmaltz (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands) and Freek Verbeek (Open Universiteit Nederland, Netherlands).


May 2014

13th-16th of May 2014, EDCC 2014, Newcastle upon Tyne/UK
The paper "On MILS I/O Sharing Targeting Avionic Systems" was accepted for the EDCC 2014. The authors are Kevin Müller (Airbus Group, Munich, Germany, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Georg Sigl (Technische Universität München, Germany, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Benoit Triquet (Airbus Group, Toulouse, France, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Michael Paulitsch (Airbus Group, Munich Germany, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


April 2014

07th-11th of April 2014, Dutch IPA Spring Days on Cyber-Security, Putten/ Netherlands
Freek Verbeek was giving a talk on EUROMILS at the Dutch IPA Spring Days on Cyber-Security.

07th-08th of April 2014, Trust in the Digital World, Vienna/Austria
Technikon presented the three FP7 funded EU-projects EURO-MILS, PRACTICE and HINT at the Trust in the Digital World Conference.


March 2014

20th of March 2014, Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit, Munich/Germany
"Segmentierung / Partitionierung von Embedded Systems" talk by Holger Blasum, SYSGO in the context of the Allianz für Cybersicherheit, Erfa-Kreis "Sichere Software-Entwicklung". This talk (in German) also covers EURO-MILS results. Starting time: 12:00 CET.


March 2014

19th-20th of March 2014, RTS Embedded Systems, Paris/France
Christophe Toulemonde, Jemm Research, presented the EURO-MILS project on 19th of March at the RTS Embedded Systems.


March 2014

11th-12th of March 2014, EURO-MILS formal methods Isabelle user workshop, Nijmegen/Netherlands


February 2014

25th-27th of February 2014, Embedded World, Nürnberg/Germany
Partner SYSGO presented the EURO-MILS project at the Embedded World.


February 2014

3rd-6th of February 2014, Open Group, San Francisco/United States
Michael Paulitsch, EADS IW, presented EURO-MILS at the Open Group San Francisco.


January 2014

20th-22nd of January 2014, HIPEAC Conference, Vienna/Austria
The EURO-MILS project has a booth at the HIPEAC conference.


December 2013

9th-10th of December 2013, Third Workshop on Theorem Proving in Certification (TPC3), Cambridge/United Kingdom
Julien Schmaltz gaves a talk on EURO-MILS at Theorem Proving in Certification Workshop on the 9th of December, 15:00-15:30 CET.


November 2013

6th-8th of November 2013, ICT 2013 – Create, Connect, Grow, Vilnius/Lithuania
The EURO-MILS project was presented at the exhibition of ICT 2013 – Create, Connect, Grow. Next to the exhibition, this important networking event also includes a conference, networking sessions, an investment forum as well as activities for students and young researchers.

14th-15th of November 2013, escar Embedded Security in Cars Conference, Frankfurt/Germany
Matthias Gerlach, Axel von Blomberg, Igor Furgel, Sergey Tverdeyshev & Holger Blasum gave a talk on: EURO-MILS: Multiple Applications Platform with Certified Separation on the 15th of November, 10:35-11:00 CET.


September 2013

10th-12th of September 2013, 14th International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC) 2013, Florida/USA
“Compositional Assurance: EURO-MILS ST/PP for Separation Kernel Based Virtualization” by Sergey Tverdyshev, Holger Blasum and Igor Furgel
"How to create a slim and comprehensive PP" by Igor Furgel


August 2013

5th-6th of August 2013, EURO-MILS Workshop on MILS Architectures and Components, Toulouse/France


July 2013

19th of July 2013, Bitkom, Cyber Security, Darmstadt, GERMANY
Partner SYSGO gave an introduction to the EURO-MILS project and potential industry outputs.

15th-18th of July 2013, The Open Group Philadelphia 2013, Philadelphia/USA
EURO-MILS is presented at the Open Group Meeting by Michael Paulitsch, EADS.

June 2013

18th-19th of June 2013, TAP 2013, Budapest/Hungary
„Test Program Generation for a Microprocessor“ by Achim D. Brucker, Abderrahmane Feliachi, Yakoub Nemouchi, and Burkhart Wolff


April 2013

10th–11th of April 2013, rts Embedded Systems, Paris/France
EURO-MILS is presented at rts Embedded Systems at SYSGO booth.

14th of April 2013, EuroSec 2013, Prague/Czech Republic
“Decreasing System Availability on an Avionic Multicore Processor Using Directly Assigned PCI Express Devices” by Kevin Müller, Daniel Münch, Ole Isfort, Michael Paulitsch, Georg Sigl


February 2013

13th-14th of February, EURO-MILS formal methods workshop, Paris/France

20th-21st of February, Avonics Europe, Munich/Germany
The EURO-MILS project is featured in a talk on "MILS-related information flow control in the avionic domain" on Wed 20 Feb 2013 (11:15 am - 11:50 am) by Holger Blasum, SYSGO, at the Exhibitor Presentation Forum at Avionics Europe 2013 in Munich. Additionally, SYSGO also is present for the whole show at booth D19.


January 2013

24th-25th of January, PikeOS Workshop, Mainz/Germany


October 2012

18th-19th of October, EURO-MILS Kick Off Meeting, Ghent/Belgium





This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 318353.